Premiers albums

Pour ce début d'année, (re)découvrez les premières fois musicales d'artistes connus et moins connus.

Coups de coeur musique

Fetch the bolt cutters / Fiona Apple | Apple, Fiona. Chanteur

Fetch the bolt cutters / Fiona Apple

CD musique | Apple, Fiona. Chanteur | Epic | 2020

I want you to love me. Shameika. FTBC. Under the table. Relay. Rack of his. Newspaper. Ladies. Heavy balloon. Cosmonauts. For her. Drumset. On I go.

Rock (2)
Franckensteina strataemontanus / Carach Angren | Carach Angren. Musicien

Franckensteina strataemontanus / Carach Angren

CD musique | Carach Angren. Musicien | Season of Mist | 2020

Here in german woodland. Scourged ghoul undead. Franckensteina strataemontanus. The necromancer. Sewn for solitude. Operation compass. Monster. Der Vampir von Nürnberg. Skull with a forked tongue. Like a conscious parasite I roam....

Musique métal (2.5)
I grow tired but dare not fall asleep / Ghostpoet | Ghostpoet. Compositeur

I grow tired but dare not fall asleep / Ghostpoet

CD musique | Ghostpoet. Compositeur | [PIAS] | 2020

Breaking cover. Concrete pony. Humana second hand. Black dog got silver eyes. Rats in a sack. This trainwreck of a life. Nowhere to hide now. When mouths collide. I grow tired but dare not fall asleep. Social lacerations.

Rock (2)
Miss Colombia / Lido Pimienta | Pimienta, Lido. Compositeur

Miss Colombia / Lido Pimienta

CD musique | Pimienta, Lido. Compositeur | Anti- | 2020

Para transcribir (SOL). Eso que tu haces. Nada. Te queria. No pude. Coming thru. Quiero que me salves. Quiero que me salves. Pelo cucu. Resisto y ya. Para transcribir (LUNA).

Musique du monde (9)
RTJ4 = Run the Jewels 4 / Run the Jewels | Run the Jewels. Musicien

RTJ4 = Run the Jewels 4 / Run the Jewels

CD musique | Run the Jewels. Musicien | BMG Rights | 2020

Yankee and the brave (Ep.4). Ooh la la. Out of sight. Holy calamafuck. Goonies vs E.T.. Walking in the snow. Just. Never look back. The ground below. Pulling the pin. A few words for the firing squad (Radiation).

Rock (2)
Notre dame des sept douleurs / Klô Pelgag | Pelgag, Klô. Compositeur

Notre dame des sept douleurs / Klô Pelgag

CD musique | Pelgag, Klô. Compositeur | Secret City Records | 2020

Notre-dame-des-sept-douleurs. Rémora. Umami. J'aurai les cheveux longs. A l'ombre des cyprès. La fonte. Soleil. Für 2lise. Mélamine. Ou va tu quand tu dors. La maison jaune. Notre-dame-des-sept-douleurs II.

Chanson francophone (8)
Schubert in love / Franz Schubert | Schubert, Franz. Compositeur

Schubert in love / Franz Schubert

CD musique | Schubert, Franz. Compositeur | Alpha Classics | 2020

Ständchen 'Leise flehen meine lieder'. Gute nacht. Irrlicht. Improvisation on arpeggione sonata. Heidenröslein. Trockne blumen. Impromptu. Auf dem wasser zu singen. Nacht und träume. Ave Maria. Improvisation on symphony N°8. Der t...

Musique classique (3)
Halluzinationen / Sophie Hunger | Hunger, Sophie. Compositeur

Halluzinationen / Sophie Hunger

CD musique | Hunger, Sophie. Compositeur | Caroline International | 2020

Liquid air. Finde mich. Halluzinationen. Bad medication. Alpha venom. Rote Beeten aus Arsen. Everything is good. Maria Magdalena. Security check. Stranger.

Rock (2)
Source / Nubya Garcia | Garcia, Nubya. Musicien

Source / Nubya Garcia

CD musique | Garcia, Nubya. Musicien | Concord Jazz | 2020

Pace. The message continues. Source. Together is a beautiful place to be. Stand with each other. Inner game. La cumbia me esta llamando. Before us : in demerara & caura. Boundless beings.

Jazz (1.3)
Lianne La Havas / Lianne La Havas | La Havas, Lianne. Chanteur

Lianne La Havas / Lianne La Havas

CD musique | La Havas, Lianne. Chanteur | Warner Records | 2020

Bittersweet. Read my mind. Green papaya. Can't fight. Paper thin. Weird fishes. Please don't make me cry. Seven times. Courage. Sour flower.

Soul, Rnb (1.4)
Ultra mono / Idles | Idles. Musicien

Ultra mono / Idles

CD musique | Idles. Musicien | Partisan Records | 2020

War. Grounds. Mr. Motivator. Anxiety. Kill them with kindness. Model village. Ne touche pas moi. Carcinogenic. Reigns. The lover. A hymn. Danke.

Rock (2)
Ascension / Regarde Les Hommes Tomber | Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Musicien

Ascension / Regarde Les Hommes Tomber

CD musique | Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Musicien | Season of Mist | 2020

L'ascension. A new order. The renegade son. The crowning. Stellar cross. La tentation. Au bord du gouffre.

Musique métal (2.5)
Myopia / Agnes Obel | Obel, Agnes. Compositeur

Myopia / Agnes Obel

CD musique | Obel, Agnes. Compositeur | Deutsche Grammophon | 2020

Camera's rolling. Broken sleep. Island of doom. Roscian. Myopia. Drosera. Can't be. Promise keeper. Parliament of owls. Won't you call me.

Rock (2)
Luxe misère / Sages Comme des Sauvages | Sages Comme des Sauvages. Musicien

Luxe misère / Sages Comme des Sauvages

CD musique | Sages Comme des Sauvages. Musicien | Zamora Label | 2020

Rouge colère. Garçon. Inattendu. Quasiment parfait. Panier sur la tête ni chanter. Les oiseaux parents. Ah les angoisses. De l'eau. Japon d'ici. Yassou evropi. Le goût de la fumée. Luxe misère.

Chanson francophone (8)
Bleu de lune / Zoufris Maracas | Zoufris Maracas. Musicien

Bleu de lune / Zoufris Maracas

CD musique | Zoufris Maracas. Musicien | Chapter Two | 2020

De Maré à Lifou. Senorita politica. Sa majesté la mer. Mon ami mon frère. Café genou. Sur quel pied danser. Bleu de lune. Clara. Le métropolitain. Le dimanche. Parasite. Explosif.

Chanson francophone (8)

Nouveautés CD musique

Whole new mess / Angel Olsen | Olsen, Angel. Compositeur

Whole new mess / Angel Olsen

CD musique | Olsen, Angel. Compositeur | Jagjaguwar | 2020

Whole new mess. Too easy (Bigger than us). (New love) Cassette. (We are all mirrors). (Summer song). Waving, smiling. Tonight (Without you). Lark song. Impasse (Workin' for the name). Chance (Forever love). What it is (What it is)...

Rock (2)
Garden of Eve (The) / Malia | Malia. Chanteur

Garden of Eve (The) / Malia

CD musique | Malia. Chanteur | MPS Records | 2020

Hope. Last show. The thrill is gone. Me & my girlfriend. Two seedlings. Lord, I feel so bad. Restoration. Death. Freedom at last. Moving away. Honeymoon is over. Love in vain.

Jazz (1.3)
Following the right way / Pierre Marcus | Marcus, Pierre. Musicien

Following the right way / Pierre Marcus

CD musique | Marcus, Pierre. Musicien | Jazz Family | 2020

Bulgarian time. Mister Chassagnite. Nostalgia in time square. Misthios. Following the right way. Bye bye Philou. African brothers. Tricotism. Marinonica. Bemsha swing. Bulgarian time traditional.

Jazz (1.3)
Hero's death (A) / Fontaines D.C. | Fontaines D.C.. Musicien

Hero's death (A) / Fontaines D.C.

CD musique | Fontaines D.C.. Musicien | Partisan Records | 2020

I dont belong. Love is the man thing. Televised mind. A lucid dream. You said. Oh such a spring. A hero's death. Living in America. I was not born. Sunny. No.

Rock (2)
Kitchen sink / Nadine Shah | Shah, Nadine. Compositeur

Kitchen sink / Nadine Shah

CD musique | Shah, Nadine. Compositeur | BMG Records | 2020

Club Cougar. Ladies for babies (Goats for love). Buckfast. Dillydally. Trad. Kitchen sink. Kite. Ukrainian wine. Wasps nest. Walk. Prayer mat.

Rock (2)
Ultimate success today / Protomartyr | Protomartyr. Musicien

Ultimate success today / Protomartyr

CD musique | Protomartyr. Musicien | Domino Recording | 2020

Day without end. Processed by the boys. I am you know. The aphorist. June 21. Michigan hammers. Tranquilizer. Modern business hymns. Bridge and crown. Worm in heaven.

Rock (2)
Heart's ease / Shirley Collins | Collins, Shirley. Chanteur

Heart's ease / Shirley Collins

CD musique | Collins, Shirley. Chanteur | Domino Recording | 2020

Merry golden tree. Rolling in the dew. The Christmas song. Locked in ice. Wondrous love. Barbara Allen. Canadee-i-o. Sweet greens & blues. Tell me true. Whitsun dance. Orange in bloom. Crowlink.

Rock (2)
Ohms / Deftones | Deftones. Musicien

Ohms / Deftones

CD musique | Deftones. Musicien | Reprise Records | 2020

Genesis. Ceremony. Urantia. Error. The spell of mathematics. Pompeji. This link is dead. Radiant city. Headless. Ohms.

Musique métal (2.5)
Set my heart on fire immediately / Perfume Genius | Perfume Genius. Compositeur

Set my heart on fire immediately / Perfume Genius

CD musique | Perfume Genius. Compositeur | Matador Records | 2020

Whole life. Describe. Without you. Jason. Leave. On the floor. Your body changes everything. Moonbend. Just a touch. Nothing at all. One more try. Some dream. Borrowed light.

Rock (2)
Violet bent backwards over the grass : read by the author / Lana Del Rey | Del Rey, Lana. Auteur

Violet bent backwards over the grass : read by the author / Lana Del Rey

CD musique | Del Rey, Lana. Auteur | Interscope Records | 2020

LA who am I to love you. The land of 1,000 fires. Violet bent backwards over the grass. Past the bushes cypress thriving. Salamander. Never to heaven. Sportcruiser. Tessa Dipietro. Quiet waiter blue forever. What happened when I l...

Rock (2)
Anos en infierno / Xibalba | Xibalba. Musicien

Anos en infierno / Xibalba

CD musique | Xibalba. Musicien | Southern Lord Recordings | 2020

La injusticia. Corredor de la muerte. Santa muerte. Saka. Anos en infierno. En la oscuridad. El abismo I. El abismo 2.

Musique métal (2.5)
Homegrown / Neil Young | Young, Neil. Compositeur

Homegrown / Neil Young

CD musique | Young, Neil. Compositeur | Silver Bow Records | 2020

Separate ways. Try Mexico. Love is a rose. Homegrown. Florida. Kansas. We don't smoke it no more. White line. Vacancy. Little wing. Star of Bethlehem.

Chanson francophone (8)
Autoportrait / Hugues Aufray | Aufray, Hugues. Compositeur

Autoportrait / Hugues Aufray

CD musique | Aufray, Hugues. Compositeur | Universal Music | 2020

Paie-moi ce que tu m'dois. Sur les péniches de l'Erie Canal. Ah !. La ballade de John Henry. La Matilda. Dan Tucker. Le bon dieu s'énervait. Marie ne pleure plus. La soupe à ma grand-mère. Stewball. Hasta luego. Y'a un homme qui r...

Chanson francophone (8)
Empire / Arielle Dombasle | Dombasle, Arielle. Compositeur

Empire / Arielle Dombasle

CD musique | Dombasle, Arielle. Compositeur | Barclay | 2020

Humble guy. Twin kingdom valley. Desdemona. Le grand hôtel. Just come back alive. Lost little street girl. The palace of the Virgin Queen. A simple life. Deconstruction of the bride. The drowning ocean. Enter the black light. We b...

Rock (2)
Whoosh ! / Deep Purple | Deep purple. Musicien

Whoosh ! / Deep Purple

CD musique | Deep purple. Musicien | E.A.R Music | 2020

Throw my bones. Drop the weapon. We're all the same in the dark. Nothing at all. No need to shout. Step by step. What the what. The long way round. The poser of the moon. Remission possible. Man alive. And the address. Dancing in ...

Musique métal (2.5)

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