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Harnessed The Storm / Drexciya | Drexciya. Compositeur. Interprète

Harnessed The Storm / Drexciya

CD musique | Drexciya. Compositeur. Interprète | Tresor Records | 2002

Under sea disturbances. Digital tsunami. Soul of the sea. Song of the green whale. Dr. Blowfins' black storm stabilizing spheres. The plankton organization. Mission to Ociya syndor and back. Aquatic cataclysm. Lake haze. Birth of ...

Musique électronique (4)
Where I'm meant to be / Ezra Collective | Ezra Collective. Musicien

Where I'm meant to be / Ezra Collective

CD musique | Ezra Collective. Musicien | Partisan Records | 2022

Life goes on. Victory dance. No confusion. Welcome to my world. Togetherness. Ego killah. Smile. Live strong. Siesta. Words by Steve. Belonging. Never the same again. Words by TJ. Love in outer space.

Jazz (1.3)
Alpha Zulu / Phoenix | Phoenix. Musicien. Compositeur. Parolier

Alpha Zulu / Phoenix

CD musique | Phoenix. Musicien. Compositeur. Parolier | Glassnote Entertainment | 2022

Alpha zulu. Tonight. The only one. After midnight. Winter solstice. Season 2. Artefact. All eyes on me. My elixir. Identical.

Rock (2)
Dutronc & Dutronc / Thomas Dutronc | Dutronc, Thomas. Chanteur

Dutronc & Dutronc / Thomas Dutronc

CD musique | Dutronc, Thomas. Chanteur | Decca Records | 2022

L'opportuniste. J'aime les filles. Gentleman cambrioleur. Le responsable. Demain. Je n'suis personne (Eternel jusqu'à demain). Aragon. J'me fous de tout. Et moi, et moi, et moi. Sur une nappe de restaurant. Il est cinq heures, Par...

Chanson francophone (8)
Algérie 54-62 la guerre : documents historiques et chansons / Jacques Bernard | Bernard, Jacques. Metteur en scène ou réalisateur

Algérie 54-62 la guerre : documents historiques et chansons / Jacques Bernard

CD musique | Bernard, Jacques. Metteur en scène ou réalisateur | EPM | 2018

Chanson francophone (8)
Ask your heart / Mehmet Polat Trio | Mehmet Polat Trio. Musicien

Ask your heart / Mehmet Polat Trio

CD musique | Mehmet Polat Trio. Musicien | Home Records | 2017

Untouched stories. Dance it out. Sandcastles. Neset. Whispering to waves. Ask your heart. Evening prayer. Everything is in you. Serenity. Simorgh. Mardin.

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Ya Habibi Taala Elhaani / Asmahan | Asmahan. Chanteur

Ya Habibi Taala Elhaani / Asmahan

CD musique | Asmahan. Chanteur | MLP Music | 2022

Ya habibi taala elhanni. Ya touyour. Ahla binour el aïn. Ebta hataraf. Layali el unse fi vienna. Sahirtou toul el leil.

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The Legendary Studio One Records : Original Classic Recordings 1963-1980 / Skatalites (The) | Prince Jazzbo. Interprète

The Legendary Studio One Records : Original Classic Recordings 1963-1980 / Skatalites (The)

CD musique | Prince Jazzbo. Interprète | Soul Jazz Records | 2011

Ball of fire. I'm your man. Everything she want. New boom. Rub a dub style (12" mix). Treat me bad. Watch your step. Mr Music. Run my people. Master plan. Fidel Castro. Let me hold you tight. Sitting with stupid. Rock for dub. Ene...

Reggae (1.6)
Studio One Dancehall | Wilson, Ernest. Chanteur

Studio One Dancehall

CD musique | Wilson, Ernest. Chanteur | Soul Jazz | 2014

Why oh why. Lend me the sixteen. Haunted house. Ghetto girl. Time a run out. Noah in the ark. Thanks and praise. Rebel disco. I don't know why. Lonely lover. Roots and herb style. Peace truce thing. Cure for the fever. Peace treat...

Reggae (1.6)
Studio One Women : The Original | McLean, Claudette. Chanteur

Studio One Women : The Original

CD musique | McLean, Claudette. Chanteur | Soul Jazz Records | 2022

Give love another try. My man. Deh pon dem. Dream land. Consider me. War no right. I'm just a girl. No bother with no fuss. There's a chance for me. King Street. Tell me where. I'll give it to you. Tell me now. Come to me. You a f...

Reggae (1.6)
Studio One DJ Party / Screechie Dan | Screechie Dan. Chanteur

Studio One DJ Party / Screechie Dan

CD musique | Screechie Dan. Chanteur | Soul Jazz Records | 2019

We a don. My number. Riddle I this. It a fi bun. Apprentice dentist. DJ special. Little Joe. Ragga muffin. Universal love. Choice of music. Rhyming time. Fire coal version. Fountain on the mountaain. Thank you jah. Raindrops. Auto...

Reggae (1.6)
Good time : bande originale du film de Josh & Benny Safdie / Oneohtrix Point Never | Oneohtrix Point Never. Compositeur

Good time : bande originale du film de Josh & Benny Safdie / Oneohtrix Point Never

CD musique | Oneohtrix Point Never. Compositeur | Warp Records | 2017

Good time. Bail bonds. 6th floor. Hospital escape/Acess-a-ride. Ray wakes up. Entry to white castle. Flashback. Adventurers. Romance apocalypse. The acid hits. Leaving the park. Connie. The pure and the damned.

Ytilaer / Bill Callahan | Callahan, Bill. Compositeur

Ytilaer / Bill Callahan

CD musique | Callahan, Bill. Compositeur | Drag City Records | 2022

First bird. Everyway. Bowevil. Partition. Lily. Naked souls. Coyotes. Drainface. Natural information. The horse. Planets. Last one at the party.

Rock (2)
Suicide / Suicide | Suicide. Musicien

Suicide / Suicide

CD musique | Suicide. Musicien | BMG Records | 2019

Ghost rider. Rocket U.S.A.. Cheree. Johnny. Girl. Frankie teardrop. Che.

Rock (2)
Pierre Barouh & the Saravah sound : jazz, samba & other hallucinatory grooves | Areski. Chanteur

Pierre Barouh & the Saravah sound : jazz, samba & other hallucinatory grooves

CD musique | Areski. Chanteur | Wewantsounds | 2022

Mystifying mama. Delhi daily. Comme à la radio. Sicilienne. E.D.F. power. Le bruit et le bruit. Monsieur Chimpanzé. Tchac poum poum. Je jouais le piano. Cet enfant que je t'avais fait. Je suis un sauvage. Trane's call. Orema ka ka...

Chanson francophone (8)

Coups de coeur musique

Expansions / Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band (The) | Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band (The). Musicien

Expansions / Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band (The)

CD musique | Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band (The). Musicien | Big Crown Records | 2021

Tough victory. Space. Raise it up. My jamaican dub. I need somebody to love tonight. Dirt off your shoulder. Getting nasty. Blow your cover. Represent. The healer. Les fleurs. Squaring the circles. Juicy fruit. Look out baby (Here...

Soul, Rnb (1.4)
En anglais / Mathieu Boogaerts | Boogaerts, Mathieu. Compositeur

En anglais / Mathieu Boogaerts

CD musique | Boogaerts, Mathieu. Compositeur | Tôt ou Tard | 2021

Annie. Am I crazy. Your smile. You like me. Once again. Guy of steel. I won't folow you. I belong. The price. How many. I won't follow you (Slow).

Chanson francophone (8)
Not your muse / Celeste | Céleste. Chanteur

Not your muse / Celeste

CD musique | Céleste. Chanteur | Universal Music | 2021

Ideal woman. Strange. Tonight tonight. Stop this flame. Tell me something I don't know. Not your muse. Beloved. Love is back. A kiss. The promise. A little love. Some goodbyes come with hellos.

Soul, Rnb (1.4)
Paysages / L | L. Compositeur

Paysages / L

CD musique | L. Compositeur | Sony Music | 2020

J'vois rien. Abel. Femmes, vie, liberté !. Eleonora. L'étincelle. Les oiseaux. Tu viendras. Aux souvenirs. Forêt. Genre. L. Encore.

Chanson francophone (8)
Rhapsodic / Nicolas Repac | Repac, Nicolas. Compositeur

Rhapsodic / Nicolas Repac

CD musique | Repac, Nicolas. Compositeur | No Format ! | 2021

Kama twist dada. Go future. Dancestral. Electrosapiens. Austral reverie. Space mobylette. Ethnicolor. In the land of your soul. Echo systeme. Mars ma terre. Sama. Carambolage. Nomad rhapsody.

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Nocturne / David Walters | Walters, David. Chanteur

Nocturne / David Walters

CD musique | Walters, David. Chanteur | Heavenly Recordings | 2021

Papa kossa. Carioca. Freedom. Manyè (Unplugged version). Sam Cook do. Sa en yé. Baby go. Interlude. Mama (Unplugged version). Vansé. Nocturne.

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Royal Handel / Georg Friedrich Händel | Händel, Georg Friedrich. Compositeur

Royal Handel / Georg Friedrich Händel

CD musique | Händel, Georg Friedrich. Compositeur | Alpha Classics | 2020

Rompo i lacci, e frango I Dardi (Flavio, re de' Longobardi, HWV.16). Sagri numi (Caio Marzio Coriolano). Gelosia, spietata aletto (Admeto, re di Tessaglia, HWV.22). Son stanco (Siroe, re du Persia, HWV.24). Deggio morire, o stelle...

Musique classique (3)
Shadow of their suns (The) / Wax Tailor | Wax Tailor. Compositeur

Shadow of their suns (The) / Wax Tailor

CD musique | Wax Tailor. Compositeur | Lab'oratoire | 2021

Fear of a blind planet. Never forget. Just a candle. Everybody. On the air. Misery. Shining underdog. Déjà vu. Keep it movin. Like this. Paint it black. Dusk to dusk. The light.

Musique électronique (4)
Drunk tank pink / Shame | Shame. Musicien

Drunk tank pink / Shame

CD musique | Shame. Musicien | Dead Oceans | 2021

Alphabet. Nigel hitter. Born in Luton. March day. Water in the well. Snow day. Human, for a minute. Great dog. 6/1. Harsh degrees. Station wagon.

Rock (2)
Facile . Fragile / Camélia Jordana | Jordana, Camélia. Compositeur

Facile . Fragile / Camélia Jordana

CD musique | Jordana, Camélia. Compositeur | Dhaouw Productions/Play Two | 2020

Femmes. Silence. Le monde en main. Loco. Le parler. La vie pour toi. Facile. J'oublie vite. Nos chansons. Si j'étais un homme. Jusqu'au bout des cils. SOS Méditerranée. Si on s'aimait tou.te.s. Nata lova. Wild man. Les garçons. Se...

Chanson francophone (8)
Amazing Grace / Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack, réal. | Elliott, Alan. Monteur

Amazing Grace / Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack, réal.

DVD | Elliott, Alan. Monteur | Metropolitan filmexport. Paris | 2019

En janvier 1972, Aretha Franklin enregistre un album live dans une église intimiste du quartier de Watts à Los Angeles. Le disque de ce concert mythique, "Amazing Grace", devient l'album de Gospel le plus vendu de tous les temps, ...

Soul, Rnb (1.4)
Nightsongs / Yael Naïm | Naïm, Yaël. Compositeur

Nightsongs / Yael Naïm

CD musique | Naïm, Yaël. Compositeur | Tôt ou Tard | 2020

Daddy. She. How will I know. The sun. Shine. Back. Miettes. My sweetheart. Familiar. Des trous. Watching you. A bit of.

Rock (2)
Gift of sacrifice / King Buzzo | King Buzzo. Compositeur

Gift of sacrifice / King Buzzo

CD musique | King Buzzo. Compositeur | Ipecac Recordings | 2020

Mental vomit. Housing, luxury, energy. I'm glad I could help out. Delayed clarity. Junkie Jesus. Science in modern America. Bird animal. Mock she. Acoustic junkie.

Rock (2)
S16 / Woodkid | Woodkid. Compositeur

S16 / Woodkid

CD musique | Woodkid. Compositeur | Barclay | 2020

Goliath. In your likeness. Pale yellow. Enemy. Highway 27. Reactor. Drawn to you. Shift. So handsome hello. Horizons into battlegrounds. Minus sixty-one.

Rock (2)
Optimisme / Songhoy Blues | Songhoy Blues. Musicien

Optimisme / Songhoy Blues

CD musique | Songhoy Blues. Musicien | Transgressive Records | 2020

Badala. Assadja. Fey fey. Gabi. Barre. Pour toi. Bon bon. Worry. Korfo. Dournia. Kouma.

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