Gentlewoman, ruby man / Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White

CD musique

Morrissey , Flo. Chanteur | White, Matthew E.. Musicien

Edité par Glassnote Entertainment - 2017

Look at what the light did now. Thinkin bout you. Looking for you. The colour in anything. Everybody loves the sunshine. Grease. Suzanne. Sunday morning. Heaven can wait. Govindam.

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Welcome home / Cocoon | Cocoon. Musicien

Welcome home / Cocoon

CD musique | Cocoon. Musicien | Universal Music France | 2016

Retreat. Get well soon. I can't wait. Grandaddy. Watch my back. Middle finger. Out of tune. Shooting star. Legacy. Miracle. Cross. Up for sale. I can't wait (Freddy Verano mix).

Rock (784.6,785)
30 ans des Inrockuptibles (Les) | Cat Power. Compositeur

30 ans des Inrockuptibles (Les)

CD musique | Cat Power. Compositeur | Universal Music France | 2016

Come as you are. No cars go. Rehab. One. Karma police. Fluorescent adolescent. Inbetween days. Love vigilantes. To bring you my love. No one knows. Some candy talking. Crystalised. Absent friends. L'homme qui marche. Aviation. Kid...

Rock (784.6,785)

Sélection : C2c Musique

When we fall asleep, where do we go ? / Billie Eilish | Eilish, Billie. Compositeur

When we fall asleep, where do we go ? / Billi...

CD musique | Eilish, Billie. Compositeur | Darkroom/Interscope Records | 2019

!!!!!!!. Bad guy. Xanny. You sould see me in a crown. All the good girls go to hell. Wish you were gay. When the party's over. 8. My strange addiction. Bury a friend. Ilomilo. Listen before I go. I love you. Goodbye.

Rock (784.6,785)
All my relations / Cochemea | Cochemea. Musicien

All my relations / Cochemea

CD musique | Cochemea. Musicien | Daptone Records | 2019

Maso ye'me. All my relations. Mitote. Al-mus'tasim. Seyewailo. Asatoma. Sonora. Los muertos. Mescalero. Song of happiness.

Jazz (784.3)
Tempéraments / Malik Djoudi | Djoudi, Malik. Compositeur

Tempéraments / Malik Djoudi

CD musique | Djoudi, Malik. Compositeur | Cinq7/Wagram Music | 2019

Tempérament. Autrement. Epouser la nuit. Dis-moi qu't'y penses. Essentiel. Belles sueurs. Histoires d'autres. A tes côtés. Aussi jolie. Folie douce. Au jour le jour. Train de la nuit.

Musique francophone (783.2)
Satingarona, vol. 2 / Bongo Hop (The) | Bongo Hop (The). Musicien

Satingarona, vol. 2 / Bongo Hop (The)

CD musique | Bongo Hop (The). Musicien | Underdog Records | 2018

Grenn pwonmennen. La carga. L'autre quai. Jashu. San Gabriel. Agua fria. O na ya. Sonora.

Funk, Disco (784.4)
Via Havana / Joachim Horsley | Horsley, Joachim. Musicien

Via Havana / Joachim Horsley

CD musique | Horsley, Joachim. Musicien | Wagram Music | 2018

Beethoven in Havana. Dmitri's San Millan. Amadeus Guanguanco. Vodou moldau. Scheherazade in Cape Verde. Malher's resurrection rumba. Rumba prelude. Rumbacabre. Impromptuno. New world rumba.

Musique du monde (91X)
Foxwarren / Foxwarren | Foxwarren. Musicien

Foxwarren / Foxwarren

CD musique | Foxwarren. Musicien | Anti- | 2018

To be. Lost in a dream. Everything apart. In another life. I'll be alright. Lost on you. Your small town. Sunset canyon. Fall into a dream. Give it a chance.

Rock (784.6,785)
You wont get what you want / Daughters | Daughters. Musicien

You wont get what you want / Daughters

CD musique | Daughters. Musicien | Ipecac Recordings | 2018

City song. Long road, No turns. Satan in the wait. The flammable man. The lord song. Less sex. Daughter. The reason they hate me. Ocean song. Guest house.

Hard rock, Heavy metal, musique gothique (785.1)
Fever / Balthazar | Balthazar. Musicien

Fever / Balthazar

CD musique | Balthazar. Musicien | [PIAS] | 2019

Fever. Changes. Wrong faces. Whatchu doin'. Phone number. Entertainment. I'm never gonna let you down again. Grapefruit. Wrong vibration. Roller coaster. You're so real.

Rock (784.6,785)
Gospel sessions, vol. 3 (The) / Michelle David | David, Michelle. Chanteur

Gospel sessions, vol. 3 (The) / Michelle Davi...

CD musique | David, Michelle. Chanteur | Smit/Willemsen | 2018

Taking it back. Nobody but the Lord. Tell me why. Up above my head. Give it to him. Walk with me. Proverbs 3. God. He loves me. Be still.

Funk, Disco (784.4)
Capitalist blues (The) / Leyla McCalla | McCalla, Leyla. Compositeur

Capitalist blues (The) / Leyla McCalla

CD musique | McCalla, Leyla. Compositeur | Jazz Village | 2019

The capitalist blues. Money is king. Lavi vye neg. Penha. Heavy as lead. Me and my baby. Aleppo. Mize pa dous. Oh my love. Ain't no use. Settle down.

Musique afro (784.1, 784.2)
En amont / Alain Bashung | Bashung, Alain (1947-2009). Compositeur

En amont / Alain Bashung

CD musique | Bashung, Alain (1947-2009). Compositeur | Barclay | 2018

Immortels. Ma peau va te plaire. La mariée des roseaux. Elle me dit les mêmes mots. Les salines. Montevideo. Les arcanes. Seul le chien. Les rêves de vétéran. Un beau déluge. Nos âmes à l'abri.

Musique francophone (783.2)
Cecilia Bartoli / Antonio Vivaldi | Vivaldi, Antonio. Compositeur

Cecilia Bartoli / Antonio Vivaldi

CD musique | Vivaldi, Antonio. Compositeur | Decca | 2018

Se lento acora il fulmine (Agrippo). Sol da te, mio dolce amore (Orlando furioso). Ah fuggi rapido (Orlando furioso). Vedro ocn mio diletto (Il Giustino). Quell' augellin che canta (La Silvia). Leggi almeno tiranna infedele (Otton...

Musique classique (781)
Not easy to cook / Cannibale | Cannibale. Musicien

Not easy to cook / Cannibale

CD musique | Cannibale. Musicien | Born Bad Records | 2018

Frogs. Do not love me too much. Machine gets old. The uglie St Rabbit of the 70's. Ghost. Not easy to cook. Siren's call. Pendejo. Au revoir. [Titre 10].

Rock (784.6,785)
De fringues, de musique et de mecs / Viv Albertine | Albertine, Viv (1954-....). Auteur

De fringues, de musique et de mecs / Viv Albe...

Livre | Albertine, Viv (1954-....). Auteur | Buchet Chastel. Paris | 2017

Autobiographie de la guitariste britannique du groupe punk féminin The Slits. Elle revient sur sa carrière de guitariste au sein des premiers groupes exclusivement féminins, sur l'histoire du punk en tant que mouvement musical et ...

Rock (784.6,785)
Benton county relic / Cédric Burnside | Burnside, Cédric. Musicien

Benton county relic / Cédric Burnside

CD musique | Burnside, Cédric. Musicien | Single Lock Records | 2018

We made it. Get your groove on. Please tell me baby. Typical day. Give it to you. Hard to say cool. Don't leave me girl. Death bell blues. There is so much. Call on me. I'm hurtin. Ain't gonna take no mess.

Musique afro (784.1, 784.2)
Boocheemish / Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares | Gerrard, Lisa

Boocheemish / Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares

CD musique | Gerrard, Lisa | L autre distribution . France | 2018

Le mystère reste entier. Depuis sa création au début des années 1950, cette chorale d'une vingtaine de femmes bulgares chante les légendes de terres inconnues, d'étendues audessus des frontières et de voyages dans l'espacetemps. C...

Musique du monde (91X)
Amir / Tamino | Tamino. Compositeur. Interprète

Amir / Tamino

CD musique | Tamino. Compositeur. Interprète | Communion Records | 2018

Habibi. Sun may shine. Tummy. Chambers. So it goes. Indigo night. Cigar. Each time. Verses. W.o.t.h.. Intervals. Persephone.

Rock (784.6,785)
Wanderer / Cat Power | Cat Power. Compositeur

Wanderer / Cat Power

CD musique | Cat Power. Compositeur | Domino Recording | 2018

Wanderer a été produit intégralement par Chan Marshall (alias Cat Power), qui pour l'occasion s'est entourée de compagnons de longue date, mais aussi de son amie Lana Del Rey, avec qui elle tournait en Europe. Ecrit et enregistré ...

Rock (784.6,785)

Sélection : Coups de cœur Rock 2017

Witness / Katy Perry | Perry, Katy (1984-....). Chanteur

Witness / Katy Perry

CD musique | Perry, Katy (1984-....). Chanteur | Capitol Records | 2017

Witness. Hey hey hey. Roulette. Swish swish. Déjà vu. Power. Mind maze. Miss you more. Chained to the rhythm. Tsunami. Bon appétit. Bigger than me. Save as draft. Pendulum. Into me you see.

Rock (784.6,785)
Underside of power (The) / Algiers | Algiers. Musicien

Underside of power (The) / Algiers

CD musique | Algiers. Musicien | Matador | 2017

Walk like a panther. Cry of the martyrs. The underside of power. Death march. A murmur. A sign.. Mme rieux. Cleveland. Animals. Plague years. Hymn for an average man. Bury me standing. The cycle/The spiral : Time to go down slowly...

Rock (784.6,785)
Truth is a beautiful thing / London Grammar | London Grammar. Musicien

Truth is a beautiful thing / London Grammar

CD musique | London Grammar. Musicien | Because Music | 2017

Rooting for you. Big picture. Wild eyed. Oh woman oh man. Hell to the liars. Everyone else. Non believer. Bones of ribbon. Who am I. Leave the war with me. Truth is a beautiful thing.

Rock (784.6,785)
That's your lot / Blaenavon | Blaenavon. Musicien

That's your lot / Blaenavon

CD musique | Blaenavon. Musicien | Transgressive | 2017

Take care. Let's pray. Orthodox man. My bark is your bite. Lonely side. Let me see what happens next. Alice come home. Ode to Joe. I will be the world. Prague '99. Swans. That's your lot.

Rock (784.6,785)
Rouge / Thomas Azier | Azier, Thomas. Compositeur

Rouge / Thomas Azier

CD musique | Azier, Thomas. Compositeur | Mercury Music | 2017

Concubine. Talk to me. Winners. Gold. Crucify. Berlin. Sandglass. Starling. Call. Babylon.

Rock (784.6,785)
Ripe dreams, pipe dreams / Cameron Avery | Avery, Cameron. Compositeur

Ripe dreams, pipe dreams / Cameron Avery

CD musique | Avery, Cameron. Compositeur | Anti- | 2017

A time and place. Do you know me by heart. Dance with me. Wasted on fidelity. Big town girl. Disposable. The cry of Captain Hollywood. Watch me take it away. An ever jarring moment. C'est toi (Extended).

Rock (784.6,785)
Relaxer / Alt-J | Alt-J. Musicien

Relaxer / Alt-J

CD musique | Alt-J. Musicien | Infectious | 2017

3WW. In cold blood. House of the rising sun. Hit me like that snare. Deadcrush. Adeline. Last year. Pleader.

Rock (784.6,785)
Pleasure / Feist | Feist. Chanteur

Pleasure / Feist

CD musique | Feist. Chanteur | Polydor | 2017

Voici le quatrième album de la songwriteuse canadienne, co-produit par elle-même avec Renaud Letang et Mocky. Il s'impose comme le disque le plus provoquant et le plus expansif, et prouve une fois encore l'extraordinaire puissance...

Rock (784.6,785)
Plates coutures / Matmatah | Matmatah. Musicien

Plates coutures / Matmatah

CD musique | Matmatah. Musicien | La Ouache Production | 2017

Nous y sommes. Lésine pas. Petite frappe. Marée haute. Toboggan. Retour à la normale. O ma beauté. Entre les lignes. Overcom. Margipop. Peshmerga.

Rock (784.6,785)
Party / Aldous Harding | Harding, Aldous. Compositeur

Party / Aldous Harding

CD musique | Harding, Aldous. Compositeur | 4AD | 2017

Blend. Imagining my man. Living the classics. Party. I'm so sorry. Horizon. What if birds aren't singing they're screaming. The world is looking for you. Swell does the skull.

Rock (784.6,785)
Painted ruins / Grizzly Bear | Grizzly Bear. Musicien

Painted ruins / Grizzly Bear

CD musique | Grizzly Bear. Musicien | RCA | 2017

Wasted acres. Mourning sound. Four cypresses. Three rings. Losing all sense. Aquarian. Cut-out. Glass hillside. Neighbors. Systole. Sku took hold.

Rock (784.6,785)
Moonshine freeze / This Is The Kit | This Is The Kit. Musicien

Moonshine freeze / This Is The Kit

CD musique | This Is The Kit. Musicien | Rough Trade | 2017

Bullet proof. Hoter colder. Mconshine freeze. Easy on the thieves. All written out in numbers. Empty no teeth. Riddled with ticks. Two pence piece. Show me so. By my demon eye. Solid grease.

Rock (784.6,785)
Memories are now / Jesca Hoop | Hoop, Jesca. Compositeur

Memories are now / Jesca Hoop

CD musique | Hoop, Jesca. Compositeur | Sub Pop | 2017

Memories are now. The lost sky. Animal kingdom chaotic. Simon says. Cut connection. Songs of old. Unsaid. Pegasi. The coming.

Rock (784.6,785)
Lust for life / Lana Del Rey | Del Rey, Lana. Chanteur

Lust for life / Lana Del Rey

CD musique | Del Rey, Lana. Chanteur | Polydor France | 2017

Love. Lust for life. 13 beaches. Cherry. White mustang. Summer bummer. Groupie love. In my feelings. Coachella : woodstock in my mind. God bless America : and all the beautiful women in it. When the world was at war we kept dancin...

Rock (784.6,785)
Lotta sea lice / Courtney Barnett | Barnett, Courtney. Compositeur. Musicien

Lotta sea lice / Courtney Barnett

CD musique | Barnett, Courtney. Compositeur. Musicien | Marathon Artists | 2017

Over everything. Let it go. Fear is like a forest. Outta the woodwork. Continental breakfast. On script. Blue cheese. Peepin' Tom. Untogether.

Rock (784.6,785)
Is this the life we really want ? / Roger Waters | Waters, Roger. Compositeur

Is this the life we really want ? / Roger Wat...

CD musique | Waters, Roger. Compositeur | Columbia | 2017

When we were young. Déjà vu. The last refugee. Picture that. Broken bones. Is this the life we really want ?. Bird in a gale. The most beautiful girl. Smell the roses. Wait for her. Oceans apart. Part of me died.

Rock (784.6,785)
I see you / XX (The) | XX (The). Musicien

I see you / XX (The)

CD musique | XX (The). Musicien | Young Turks Recordings | 2017

Dangerous. Say something loving. Lips. A violent noise. Performance. Replica. Brave for you. On hold. I dare you. Test me.

Rock (784.6,785)
Hiss spun / Chelsea Wolfe | Wolfe, Chelsea. Compositeur

Hiss spun / Chelsea Wolfe

CD musique | Wolfe, Chelsea. Compositeur | Sargent House | 2017

Spun. 16 psyche. Vex. Strain. The culling. Particle flux. Twin fawn. Offering. Static hum. Welt. Two spirit. Scrape.

Rock (784.6,785)
Gentlewoman, ruby man / Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White | Morrissey , Flo. Chanteur

Gentlewoman, ruby man / Flo Morrissey & Matth...

CD musique | Morrissey , Flo. Chanteur | Glassnote Entertainment | 2017

Look at what the light did now. Thinkin bout you. Looking for you. The colour in anything. Everybody loves the sunshine. Grease. Suzanne. Sunday morning. Heaven can wait. Govindam.

Rock (784.6,785)
Flying microtonal banana / King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard | King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. Musicien

Flying microtonal banana / King Gizzard & the...

CD musique | King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. Musicien | Heavenly Recordings | 2017

Rattlesnake. Melting. Open water. Sleep drifter. Billabong valley. Anoxia. Doom city. Nuclear fusion.

Rock (784.6,785)
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