Hive mind / Internet (The)

CD musique

Internet (The). Musicien

Edité par Columbia Records - 2018

Come together. Roll (Burbank funk). Come over. La di da. Stay the night. Bravo. Mood. Next time / Humble pie. It gets better (With time). Look what U started. Wanna be. Beat goes on. Hold on.

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Sélection : C2c Musique

Book of traps and lessons (The) / Kate Tempest | Tempest, Kate. Chanteur

Book of traps and lessons (The) / Kate Tempes...

CD musique | Tempest, Kate. Chanteur | Republic Records | 2019

Thirsty. Keep moving don't move. Brown eyed man. Three sided coin. I trap you. All humans too late. Hold your own. Lessons. Firesmoke. Holy elixir. Peoples faces.

Rap (1.5)
Black Pumas / Black Pumas | Black Pumas. Musicien

Black Pumas / Black Pumas

CD musique | Black Pumas. Musicien | ATO Records | 2019

Black moon rising. Colors. Know you better. Fire. Oct 33. Stay gold. Old man. Confines. Touch the sky. Sweet conversations.

Anima / Thom Yorke | Yorke, Thom. Compositeur

Anima / Thom Yorke

CD musique | Yorke, Thom. Compositeur | XL Recordings | 2019

Traffic. Last I heard (... He was circling the drain). Twist. Dawn chorus. I am a very rude person. Not the news. The axe. Impossible knots. Runwayaway.

Musique électronique (4)
Danser les filles / Bastien Lallemant | Lallemant, Bastien. Compositeur

Danser les filles / Bastien Lallemant

CD musique | Lallemant, Bastien. Compositeur | Zamora Label | 2018

Danser les filles. La maison penche. Ralentissons. Fuir au combat. Nous dormirons la nuit au chaud. Avant midi. Le feu. Le lilas fane. Le grand départ. Ami ami. Berceuse (pour Oskar).

Chanson francophone (8)
Cuz I love you / Lizzo | Lizzo. Compositeur

Cuz I love you / Lizzo

CD musique | Lizzo. Compositeur | Nice Life | 2019

Cuz I love you. Like a girl. Juice. Soulmate. Jerome. Crybaby. Tempo. Exactly how I feel. Better in color. Heaven help me. Lingerie. Boys. Truth hurts. Water me.

When we fall asleep, where do we go ? / Billie Eilish | Eilish, Billie. Compositeur

When we fall asleep, where do we go ? / Billi...

CD musique | Eilish, Billie. Compositeur | Darkroom/Interscope Records | 2019

!!!!!!!. Bad guy. Xanny. You sould see me in a crown. All the good girls go to hell. Wish you were gay. When the party's over. 8. My strange addiction. Bury a friend. Ilomilo. Listen before I go. I love you. Goodbye.

Rock (2)
All my relations / Cochemea | Cochemea. Musicien

All my relations / Cochemea

CD musique | Cochemea. Musicien | Daptone Records | 2019

Maso ye'me. All my relations. Mitote. Al-mus'tasim. Seyewailo. Asatoma. Sonora. Los muertos. Mescalero. Song of happiness.

Jazz (1.3)
Tempéraments / Malik Djoudi | Djoudi, Malik. Compositeur

Tempéraments / Malik Djoudi

CD musique | Djoudi, Malik. Compositeur | Cinq7/Wagram Music | 2019

Tempérament. Autrement. Epouser la nuit. Dis-moi qu't'y penses. Essentiel. Belles sueurs. Histoires d'autres. A tes côtés. Aussi jolie. Folie douce. Au jour le jour. Train de la nuit.

Chanson francophone (8)
Satingarona, vol. 2 / Bongo Hop (The) | Bongo Hop (The). Musicien

Satingarona, vol. 2 / Bongo Hop (The)

CD musique | Bongo Hop (The). Musicien | Underdog Records | 2018

Grenn pwonmennen. La carga. L'autre quai. Jashu. San Gabriel. Agua fria. O na ya. Sonora.

Via Havana / Joachim Horsley | Horsley, Joachim. Musicien

Via Havana / Joachim Horsley

CD musique | Horsley, Joachim. Musicien | Wagram Music | 2018

Beethoven in Havana. Dmitri's San Millan. Amadeus Guanguanco. Vodou moldau. Scheherazade in Cape Verde. Malher's resurrection rumba. Rumba prelude. Rumbacabre. Impromptuno. New world rumba.

Musique du monde (91X)
Foxwarren / Foxwarren | Foxwarren. Musicien

Foxwarren / Foxwarren

CD musique | Foxwarren. Musicien | Anti- | 2018

To be. Lost in a dream. Everything apart. In another life. I'll be alright. Lost on you. Your small town. Sunset canyon. Fall into a dream. Give it a chance.

Rock (2)
You wont get what you want / Daughters | Daughters. Musicien

You wont get what you want / Daughters

CD musique | Daughters. Musicien | Ipecac Recordings | 2018

City song. Long road, No turns. Satan in the wait. The flammable man. The lord song. Less sex. Daughter. The reason they hate me. Ocean song. Guest house.

Musique métal (2.5)
Fever / Balthazar | Balthazar. Musicien

Fever / Balthazar

CD musique | Balthazar. Musicien | [PIAS] | 2019

Fever. Changes. Wrong faces. Whatchu doin'. Phone number. Entertainment. I'm never gonna let you down again. Grapefruit. Wrong vibration. Roller coaster. You're so real.

Rock (2)
Gospel sessions, vol. 3 (The) / Michelle David | David, Michelle. Chanteur

Gospel sessions, vol. 3 (The) / Michelle Davi...

CD musique | David, Michelle. Chanteur | Smit/Willemsen | 2018

Taking it back. Nobody but the Lord. Tell me why. Up above my head. Give it to him. Walk with me. Proverbs 3. God. He loves me. Be still.

Capitalist blues (The) / Leyla McCalla | McCalla, Leyla. Compositeur

Capitalist blues (The) / Leyla McCalla

CD musique | McCalla, Leyla. Compositeur | Jazz Village | 2019

The capitalist blues. Money is king. Lavi vye neg. Penha. Heavy as lead. Me and my baby. Aleppo. Mize pa dous. Oh my love. Ain't no use. Settle down.

Musique blues, gospel (1.1, 1.2)
En amont / Alain Bashung | Bashung, Alain (1947-2009). Compositeur

En amont / Alain Bashung

CD musique | Bashung, Alain (1947-2009). Compositeur | Barclay | 2018

Immortels. Ma peau va te plaire. La mariée des roseaux. Elle me dit les mêmes mots. Les salines. Montevideo. Les arcanes. Seul le chien. Les rêves de vétéran. Un beau déluge. Nos âmes à l'abri.

Chanson francophone (8)
Cecilia Bartoli / Antonio Vivaldi | Vivaldi, Antonio. Compositeur

Cecilia Bartoli / Antonio Vivaldi

CD musique | Vivaldi, Antonio. Compositeur | Decca | 2018

Se lento acora il fulmine (Agrippo). Sol da te, mio dolce amore (Orlando furioso). Ah fuggi rapido (Orlando furioso). Vedro ocn mio diletto (Il Giustino). Quell' augellin che canta (La Silvia). Leggi almeno tiranna infedele (Otton...

Musique classique (781)
Not easy to cook / Cannibale | Cannibale. Musicien

Not easy to cook / Cannibale

CD musique | Cannibale. Musicien | Born Bad Records | 2018

Frogs. Do not love me too much. Machine gets old. The uglie St Rabbit of the 70's. Ghost. Not easy to cook. Siren's call. Pendejo. Au revoir. [Titre 10].

Rock (2)
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