Booker's guitar / Eric Bibb

CD musique

Bibb, Eric. Interprète

Edité par Dixiefrog records - 2010

Booker's guitar. With my maker I am one. Flood water. Walkin' blues again. Sunrise blues. Wayfaring stranger. Train from Aberdeen. New home. Nobody's fault but mine. One soul to save. Rocking chair. Turning pages. A good woman. Tell Riley. A-Z blues. Everyday's been Sunday. River of song. Dreaming in Mandinka.

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Global griot / Eric Bibb | Bibb, Eric. Compositeur. Interprète

Global griot / Eric Bibb

CD musique | Bibb, Eric. Compositeur. Interprète | Dixiefrog Records | 2018

Gathering of the tribes. Wherza money at. Human river. What's he gonna say today. Brazos river blues. We don't care. Black, brown and white. Listen for the spirit. Hoist up the banner. Mami wata/Sebastian's tune. Send me your Jesu...

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Habib Koité fait partie des voix les plus influentes de l'Afrique contemporaine. Eric Bibb est considéré comme l'un des tout premiers représentants de la culture afro-américaine dans le domaine du blues et de la folk music. Ils se...

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Blues people / Eric Bibb | Bibb, Eric. Musicien

Blues people / Eric Bibb

CD musique | Bibb, Eric. Musicien | Flatbrim | 2014

Silver spoon. Driftin' door to door. God's mojo. Turner station. Pink dream Cadillac. Chocolate man. Rosewood. I heard the angels singin'. Dream catchers. Chain reaction. Needed time. Out walkin'. Remember the ones. Home. Where do...

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Migration blues / Eric Bibb | Bibb, Eric. Compositeur

Migration blues / Eric Bibb

CD musique | Bibb, Eric. Compositeur | Dixiefrog Records | 2017

Refugee moan. Delta gateway. Diego's blues. Prayin' for shore. Migration blues. Four years, no rain. We had to move. Masters of war. Brotherly love. La vie c'est comme un oignon. With a dolla' in my pocket. This land is your land....

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A ship called love / Eric Bibb | Bibb, Eric. Interprète

A ship called love / Eric Bibb

CD musique | Bibb, Eric. Interprète | Dixiefrog | 2005

A ship called love. Like Aretha loves to sing. Right where we are. Victory voices. I'll never lose you. The way you are. Stickin' to you. Troubadour. That's what I do. Turning world. More o' that. Faded jeans. When I hear the wave...

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Diamond days / Eric Bibb | Bibb, Eric. Interprète

Diamond days / Eric Bibb

CD musique | Bibb, Eric. Interprète | Dixiefrog | 2006

Tall cotton. Destiny blues. Shine on. So glad. Storybook hero. Diamond days. Dr Shine. Heading home. In my father's house (live). Forgiveness is gold. Buckets of rain. Still livin' on. Worried man blues.

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