Ces albums fêtent leurs 40 ans

De nombreux albums cultes célèbrent leur 40e anniversaire, l'occasion de s'y replonger!

wall (The) / Pink floyd, groupe voc. et instr. | Pink Floyd. Musicien

wall (The) / Pink floyd, groupe voc. et instr...

CD musique | Pink Floyd. Musicien | EMI records [distrib. EMI music France]. [Europe], [France] | P 2011

In the flesh ?. The thin ice. Another brick in the wall (part I). The happiest days of our lives. Another brick in the wall (part II). Mother. Goodbye blue sky. Empty spaces. Young lust. One of my turns. Don't leave now. Another b...

Rock (2)
Champagne pour tout le monde / Higelin | Higelin, Jacques (1940-2018). Interprète. Compositeur

Champagne pour tout le monde / Higelin

CD musique | Higelin, Jacques (1940-2018). Interprète. Compositeur | Pathé Marconi | 1985

Champagne ; Cayenne c'est fini ; Tête en l'air ; Dans mon aéroplane blindé ; Oh la la quelle vie qu'elle vie ; L'attentat à la pudeur ; Hold light (see feed) ; Captain bloody samouraî ; vague à l'âme..

Chanson francophone (8)
One step beyond... / Madness | Madness. Interprète

One step beyond... / Madness

CD musique | Madness. Interprète | Virgin Records | 1979

One step Beyond ; My girl ; Night boat to Cairo ; Believe me ; Land of hope & Glory ; The prince ; Tarzan's nuts ; In the middle of the night ; Bed and breakfast man ; Razor blade alley ; Swan lake ; Rockin' in a flat ; Mummy's bo...

Rock (2)
Pouvoirs / Bernard Lavilliers | Lavilliers, Bernard. Interprète

Pouvoirs / Bernard Lavilliers

CD musique | Lavilliers, Bernard. Interprète | Barclay | 1979

La Peur. Frères de la côte. Soeur de la zone. Frères humains synthétisés. Urubus. La peur. Fortalerza. Bats-toi. La Promenade des anglais. Rue de la soif. Ringard pour le reggae. Fuckin'life.

Chanson francophone (8)
London calling : restored, remastered '99, original artwork / the Clash, groupe voc. et instr. | The Clash (Groupe de rock). Musicien

London calling : restored, remastered '99, or...

CD musique | The Clash (Groupe de rock). Musicien | [Sony music entertainment (UK)] [distrib. Sony music [France]]. [[Londres]], [[Paris]] | [[DL 1999]]

London calling ; Brand new Cadillac ; Jimmy jazz ; Hateful ; Rudie can't fail ; Spanish bombs ; The right profile ; Lost in the supermarket ; Clampdown ; The guns of Brixton ; Wrong 'em boyo ; Death or glory ; Koka kola ; The card...

Rock (2)
Highway to hell / AC/DC | AC DC. Interprète

Highway to hell / AC/DC

CD musique | AC DC. Interprète | J. Albert & Son | 2003

Highway to hell. Girls got rhytm. Walk all over you. Touch too much. Beating around the bush. Shot down in flames. Get it hot. If you want blood. Love hungry man. Night prowler.

Musique métal (2.5)
Unknown pleasures / Joy Division | Joy Division. Compositeur. Interprète

Unknown pleasures / Joy Division

CD musique | Joy Division. Compositeur. Interprète | CentreDate | 1992

Disorder. Day of the Lords. Candidate. New down fades. She's lost control. Shadowplay. Wilderness. Interzonz. I remember nothing.

Rock (2)
Reggatta de Blanc / The Police | The Police. Interprète

Reggatta de Blanc / The Police

CD musique | The Police. Interprète | A & M | 1979

Du reggae blanc, cÆest ainsi quÆil faut appréhender le deuxième album du groupe, sorti en 1979. premier carton international. Porté par le riff enivrant de « Message In A Bottle », numéro un incontesté de cette fin dÆannée avant l...

Rock (2)
Off the wall / Michael Jackson | Jackson, Michael (1958-2009). Compositeur. Interprète

Off the wall / Michael Jackson

CD musique | Jackson, Michael (1958-2009). Compositeur. Interprète | MJJ Productions | 1979-2001

Don't stop 'til you get enough. Rock with you. Workin' day and night. Get on the floor. Off the wall. Girlfriend. She's out of my life. I can't help it. It's the falling in love. Burn this disco out.

Aux armes et caetera / Serge Gainsbourg | Gainsbourg, Serge (1928-1991). Compositeur. Interprète

Aux armes et caetera / Serge Gainsbourg

CD musique | Gainsbourg, Serge (1928-1991). Compositeur. Interprète | Mercury | 2003

Chanson francophone (8)

Coups de coeur musique

Book of traps and lessons (The) / Kate Tempest | Tempest, Kate. Chanteur

Book of traps and lessons (The) / Kate Tempes...

CD musique | Tempest, Kate. Chanteur | Republic Records | 2019

Thirsty. Keep moving don't move. Brown eyed man. Three sided coin. I trap you. All humans too late. Hold your own. Lessons. Firesmoke. Holy elixir. Peoples faces.

Rap (1.5)
Black Pumas / Black Pumas | Black Pumas. Musicien

Black Pumas / Black Pumas

CD musique | Black Pumas. Musicien | ATO Records | 2019

Black moon rising. Colors. Know you better. Fire. Oct 33. Stay gold. Old man. Confines. Touch the sky. Sweet conversations.

Anima / Thom Yorke | Yorke, Thom. Compositeur

Anima / Thom Yorke

CD musique | Yorke, Thom. Compositeur | XL Recordings | 2019

Traffic. Last I heard (... He was circling the drain). Twist. Dawn chorus. I am a very rude person. Not the news. The axe. Impossible knots. Runwayaway.

Musique électronique (4)
Danser les filles / Bastien Lallemant | Lallemant, Bastien. Compositeur

Danser les filles / Bastien Lallemant

CD musique | Lallemant, Bastien. Compositeur | Zamora Label | 2018

Danser les filles. La maison penche. Ralentissons. Fuir au combat. Nous dormirons la nuit au chaud. Avant midi. Le feu. Le lilas fane. Le grand départ. Ami ami. Berceuse (pour Oskar).

Chanson francophone (8)
Cuz I love you / Lizzo | Lizzo. Compositeur

Cuz I love you / Lizzo

CD musique | Lizzo. Compositeur | Nice Life | 2019

Cuz I love you. Like a girl. Juice. Soulmate. Jerome. Crybaby. Tempo. Exactly how I feel. Better in color. Heaven help me. Lingerie. Boys. Truth hurts. Water me.

When we fall asleep, where do we go ? / Billie Eilish | Eilish, Billie. Compositeur

When we fall asleep, where do we go ? / Billi...

CD musique | Eilish, Billie. Compositeur | Darkroom/Interscope Records | 2019

!!!!!!!. Bad guy. Xanny. You sould see me in a crown. All the good girls go to hell. Wish you were gay. When the party's over. 8. My strange addiction. Bury a friend. Ilomilo. Listen before I go. I love you. Goodbye.

Rock (2)
All my relations / Cochemea | Cochemea. Musicien

All my relations / Cochemea

CD musique | Cochemea. Musicien | Daptone Records | 2019

Maso ye'me. All my relations. Mitote. Al-mus'tasim. Seyewailo. Asatoma. Sonora. Los muertos. Mescalero. Song of happiness.

Jazz (1.3)
Tempéraments / Malik Djoudi | Djoudi, Malik. Compositeur

Tempéraments / Malik Djoudi

CD musique | Djoudi, Malik. Compositeur | Cinq7/Wagram Music | 2019

Tempérament. Autrement. Epouser la nuit. Dis-moi qu't'y penses. Essentiel. Belles sueurs. Histoires d'autres. A tes côtés. Aussi jolie. Folie douce. Au jour le jour. Train de la nuit.

Chanson francophone (8)
Satingarona, vol. 2 / Bongo Hop (The) | Bongo Hop (The). Musicien

Satingarona, vol. 2 / Bongo Hop (The)

CD musique | Bongo Hop (The). Musicien | Underdog Records | 2018

Grenn pwonmennen. La carga. L'autre quai. Jashu. San Gabriel. Agua fria. O na ya. Sonora.

Via Havana / Joachim Horsley | Horsley, Joachim. Musicien

Via Havana / Joachim Horsley

CD musique | Horsley, Joachim. Musicien | Wagram Music | 2018

Beethoven in Havana. Dmitri's San Millan. Amadeus Guanguanco. Vodou moldau. Scheherazade in Cape Verde. Malher's resurrection rumba. Rumba prelude. Rumbacabre. Impromptuno. New world rumba.

Musique du monde (91X)
Foxwarren / Foxwarren | Foxwarren. Musicien

Foxwarren / Foxwarren

CD musique | Foxwarren. Musicien | Anti- | 2018

To be. Lost in a dream. Everything apart. In another life. I'll be alright. Lost on you. Your small town. Sunset canyon. Fall into a dream. Give it a chance.

Rock (2)
You wont get what you want / Daughters | Daughters. Musicien

You wont get what you want / Daughters

CD musique | Daughters. Musicien | Ipecac Recordings | 2018

City song. Long road, No turns. Satan in the wait. The flammable man. The lord song. Less sex. Daughter. The reason they hate me. Ocean song. Guest house.

Musique métal (2.5)
Fever / Balthazar | Balthazar. Musicien

Fever / Balthazar

CD musique | Balthazar. Musicien | [PIAS] | 2019

Fever. Changes. Wrong faces. Whatchu doin'. Phone number. Entertainment. I'm never gonna let you down again. Grapefruit. Wrong vibration. Roller coaster. You're so real.

Rock (2)
Gospel sessions, vol. 3 (The) / Michelle David | David, Michelle. Chanteur

Gospel sessions, vol. 3 (The) / Michelle Davi...

CD musique | David, Michelle. Chanteur | Smit/Willemsen | 2018

Taking it back. Nobody but the Lord. Tell me why. Up above my head. Give it to him. Walk with me. Proverbs 3. God. He loves me. Be still.

Capitalist blues (The) / Leyla McCalla | McCalla, Leyla. Compositeur

Capitalist blues (The) / Leyla McCalla

CD musique | McCalla, Leyla. Compositeur | Jazz Village | 2019

The capitalist blues. Money is king. Lavi vye neg. Penha. Heavy as lead. Me and my baby. Aleppo. Mize pa dous. Oh my love. Ain't no use. Settle down.

Musique blues, gospel (1.1, 1.2)

Nouveautés CD musique

We are not your kind / Slipknot | Slipknot. Musicien

We are not your kind / Slipknot

CD musique | Slipknot. Musicien | Roadrunner Records | 2019

Insert coin. Unsainted. Birth of the cruel. Death because of death. Nero forte. Critical darling. A liar's funeral. Red flag. What's next. Spiders. Orphan. My pain. Not long for this world. Solway firth.

Musique métal (2.5)
III / Banks | Banks. Compositeur

III / Banks

CD musique | Banks. Compositeur | Capitol Records | 2019

Till now. Gimme. Contamined. Stroke. Godless. Sawzall. Look what you're doing to me. Hawaiian mazes. Alaska. Propaganda. The fall. If we were made of water. What about me.

Soul, Rnb (1.4)
Mün / Chilla | Chilla. Chanteur

Mün / Chilla

CD musique | Chilla. Chanteur | Suther Kane | 2019

1er jour d'école. Bridget. Plus la même. Coeur sombre. Aimer. Dans le movie Nع1. Mira. La nuit. Ollie. Tic tac. Oulala. Ego. Pour la vie. Solo. Jungle. Dis-leur. Am stram gram.

Rap (1.5)
Wheeltappers and shunters / Clinic | Clinic. Musicien

Wheeltappers and shunters / Clinic

CD musique | Clinic. Musicien | Domino Recording | 2019

Laughing cavalier. Complex. Rubber bullets. Tiger. Ferryboat of the mind. Mirage. D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E. Flying fish. Be yourself/Year of the Sadist. Congratulations. Rejoice !. New equations (At the Copacabana).

Rock (2)
Tout ça pour ça / Loud | Loud. Chanteur

Tout ça pour ça / Loud

CD musique | Loud. Chanteur | Joy Ride Records | 2019

Sans faire d'histoire. Médailles. Jamais de la vie. Salles combles. Longue vies. Sometimes, all the times. Off the grid. Fallait y aller. Pas sortables. GG.

Rap (1.5)
Omega / Oboy | Oboy. Chanteur

Omega / Oboy

CD musique | Oboy. Chanteur | Perspective Production | 2019

Alpha. Wu-tang. Boy. Je m'en tape. Lazer/Champagne. Avec toi. Beta. Massa. Léwé. Rio. Roots. Rien à fêter. Popo. Olympe. 200.

Rap (1.5)
Polymer / Plaid | Plaid. Musicien

Polymer / Plaid

CD musique | Plaid. Musicien | Warp Records | 2019

Meds fade. Los. Maru. Ops. Drowned sea. The pale moth. Dancers. Nurula. Recall. All to get her. Dust. Crown shy. Praze.

Musique électronique (4)
Purple Mountains / Purple Mountains | Purple Mountains. Musicien

Purple Mountains / Purple Mountains

CD musique | Purple Mountains. Musicien | Drag City Records | 2019

That's just the way that I feel. All my happiness is gone. Darkness and cold. Snow is falling in Manhattan. Margaritas at the mall. She's making friends, I'm turning stranger. I loved being my mother's son. Nights that won't happe...

Rock (2)
Queen / Eva | Eva. Chanteur

Queen / Eva

CD musique | Eva. Chanteur | MCA Records | 2019

Mood. Alibi. On fleek. Balenciaga. Promenade des anglais. Fiable. Paname. Kitoko. Flex. Bella. Côté. PMD. Smile. Jazz.

Chanson francophone (8)
Magic Malik / Magic Malik Jazz Association | Magic Malik Jazz Association. Musicien

Magic Malik / Magic Malik Jazz Association

CD musique | Magic Malik Jazz Association. Musicien | Jazz & People | 2019

Strode rode. Fee-fi-fo-fum. Straight street. Daahoud. My ship. In walked bud. Joy spring. Yes or no. Lelola. You are too beautiful.

Jazz (1.3)
Ofenbach / Ofenbach | Ofenbach. Musicien

Ofenbach / Ofenbach

CD musique | Ofenbach. Musicien | Elektra Records | 2019

Katchi. Rock it. I got burned. Be mine. We can hide out. Feeling good. Paradise. Terrified.

Musique électronique (4)
Dumbo : bande originale du film de Tim Burton / Danny Elfman | Elfman, Danny. Compositeur

Dumbo : bande originale du film de Tim Burton...

CD musique | Elfman, Danny. Compositeur | Walt Disney Records | 2019

Logos (Intro). Train's a comin'. The homecoming. Meet the family. Stampede !. Baby mine. Dumbo's theme. Clowns 1. Vandevere's arrival. Dumbo soars. Happy days. Goodbye Mrs. Jumbo. Photographs/Firt flight. Colosseum. Pink elephants...

Musique de film (6)
Orbit / Stephan Oliva | Oliva, Stephan. Musicien

Orbit / Stephan Oliva

CD musique | Oliva, Stephan. Musicien | Yolk Records | 2019

Split screen. Wavin. Gene Tierney. Processione. Le tourniquet. Cercles. Inflammable. Polar blanc. Around Ornette. Spirales. Lonyay utça.

Jazz (1.3)
Let's rock / Black Keys (The) | Black Keys (The). Musicien

Let's rock / Black Keys (The)

CD musique | Black Keys (The). Musicien | Nonesuch Records | 2019

Shine a little light. Eagle birds. Lo/Hi. Walk across the water. Tell me lies. Every little thing. Get yourself together. Sit around and miss you. Go. Breaking down. Under the gun. Fire walk with me.

Rock (2)
Flamagra / Flying Lotus | Flying Lotus. Compositeur

Flamagra / Flying Lotus

CD musique | Flying Lotus. Compositeur | Warp Records | 2019

Heroes. Post requisite. Heroes in a half shell. More. Capillaries. Burning down the house. Spontaneous. Takashi. Pilgrim side eye. All spies. Yellow belly. Fire is coming. Inside your home. Actually virtual. Andromeda. Remind U. S...

Musique électronique (4)

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